Oniris Lights & Shadows

Oniris, lights and shadows refers to the various emotional manifestations that cause the human being.

The Travel Suitcase Project

If you had the opportunity to travel to a certain place and time in history, what would your destination be?

If you were invited to take a single suitcase and fill it with what you most appreciate in your life, without affecting the place and time you have chosen, what would you take with you, photos, tools, clothes, toys, amulets, makeup, mirror, money , etc. Learn more about the Travel Suitcase Project

About Oniris Lights & Shadows

From an image it is possible to exercise the various known senses and those not recognized but which are manifested in the mind of people from memory or co-relationships. The sensory energy generated from the photographic act or the plastic creation, makes the generation of memories take place, of memories that come and go throughout existence and that allow empathy with the external world to which one belongs, be it permanently or momentarily. Learn more…

About Me

In 2017, I independently published the photo essay “Wishpers and Silence of Frenchtown”, which has become a permanent project as a visual and sensory journal.


Like the imagination, photography and the arts offer us infinite options to capture an instant of time, with colors and textures that lead to the activation of the rest of the senses each time the images are looked at.


Fiction, Nature, Pets, Plastic work, Product shot, The Roots, Wishpers and Silents of Frenchtown.

Thus, this space aims to provide the viewer with a series of provocations that make them experience or remember some moment of their passage through life or better yet, create their own spaces that allow their historical permanence, which transcends their own existence from generation to generation.


This space is dedicated to those who represent the future, to the children to whom we have the enormous responsibility to mold as pieces of natural clay that in the end they become beautiful vessels capable of containing and sharing the wonderful resources that nature offers us in such a way fraternal and twinned, not only between human beings, but also between these and the rest of the species with whom we share this wonderful planet.